Scholarship Opportunities: I have just posted 3 new scholarships on the website.  Make sure you are checking them out.  I will be posting our local scholarships over the next week so please start watching for those as well.
 Reminder to all juniors: If you are interested in taking the CNA program, EMT program, or Welding production program through ICC next year, please see Ms. Putney for an application soon.  The deadline is the end of this month.  This is a great opportunity to gain certification and college credit before you ever leave high school.
  Scholarship Opportunity : The Illinois Odd Fellow-Rebekah Scholarship is now available.  Please visit Any senior can apply.  The application is due March 1, 2022.
 Any junior looking to take the CNA, welding production, or EMS programs through ICC needs to see Ms. Putney for an application. Applications are due February 1st.  There are fees associated with these classes and the EMS program requires passing the placement test through ICC.  
  Students and Parents : Any junior wishing to graduate in December of next year, needs to stop by and see Ms. Putney to get the appropriate paperwork and get it submitted by December 21st.  Please do not wait until the last week to do this because there are certain things that need some time to process.  
 FAFSA COMPLETION NIGHT : November 3rd 5-7 in the high school computer lab.  Let us help you get this item completed for your senior.  If your student is going to college, this is a requirement.  You will need to bring your 2020 tax returns to be able to complete this task.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Elks Scholarship

  Scholarship Opportunity : The MVS Scholarship through the Elks Foundation is now available.  The deadline is November 15, 2021.  Go to to apply.